Sanctus Gin

Starting their roots as a brewery, quickly producing amazing quality beverages Sanctus decided to have a crack at making a spirit and again absolutely killed it with what they made. Little Finger Gin is a classic London Styled Gin with finger lime infusion that gives it a beautiful crisp dry finish, perfect over lots of ice, a dash of soda water and plenty of citrus garnish.

The Farmers Wife

Winner of countless awards for good reason. This gorgeous gin is botanical heavy gin was made to make the classic cocktail negronis with. A perfect go-to, or for a first timer into the amazing gin world, to hit hard with that “wow” factor moment. Our recommendation of one of the many ways to drink this is with soda water, lots of ice, a good squeeze of blood orange or grapefruit, run around the rim of the glass before using as a garnish and a twig of rosemary smoked and then used to stir it all together.

McHenry’s Distillery

From Tasmania, has been revolutionary for the gin industry in Australia. Showing what true quality is on so many levels. Their classic dry is truly aniseed forward packing a huge punch on the nose while being extremely sessionable to drink. This gin can be used as a perfect base to most gin cocktails or lends itself to a subtle tonic like a Fever Tree Mediterranean. Pair it with homemade simple syrup (we like it with a lavender-infused syrup) and garnish it with a big slice of cucumber.